Board of Supervisors Oxfam Novib (Raad van Toezicht)

These are the members of the Board of Supervisors (Raad van Toezicht) of Oxfam Novib.

Munish Ramlal (1982)


Munish Ramlal has been working as the Ombudsman for the Amsterdam metropole region for several years. Before, he has worked as strategic advisor to the National Ombudsman, consultant in the public sector and as head of the System Supervision directorate of the National Data Protection Authority. Munish obtained his PhD. in the sociology of law in 2011 at the Erasmus School of Law and is described as an open, unifying, smart and strategic person with ample experience as a supervisory board member. He brings a wealth of experience on engagement with the Dutch public, and the international context in which Oxfam operates is of great interest to him as well. His roots are in Rotterdam, with a Surinamese and Indian background through his parents and grandparents. Munish is chair of the Supervisory Board.

Martijn Dadema (1975)


Martijn Dadema RvT

Martijn Dadema currently is a deputy in the province of Overijssel for GroenLinks (green left party). His portfolio includes water, climate adaptation, mobility and inclusion. Previously, he was mayor of Raalte for nearly 9 years, a municipality of 37500 inhabitants in eastern Netherlands. He is a former seasoned diplomat with extensive experience and knowledge in international peace and security, development cooperation, conventional arms control, environment as well as United Nations, World Bank and IMF. He has held various positions since 2000 in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs before he was appointed mayor in December 2014, including Head of Arms Exports and Control, deputy Head of Political affairs at the Netherlands Mission to the UN in New York, first secretary and deputy permanent representative to UNEP and UNHABITAT in Nairobi. Martijn is chair of the remuneration committee and Works Council Focal Point.

Kirsten Meijer (1979)

Kirsten Meijer 900.jpg

Kirsten Meijer is Executive Director of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, a non-governmental organisation that promotes human rights and strengthens the rule of law and democracy in all countries of Europe, including the Central Asian countries participating in the OSCE. Previously, she was director of WECF, a feminist network dedicated to transformative gender equality, sustainable development and climate justice. She was also the International Secretary of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) and gained extensive campaigning experience in the national campaign team of that party, as well as in her former function as campaign coordinator at Amnesty International. She started her career at the Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS), where she supported international solidarity in the field of democracy. Today, she is vice-chair of the board of the FMS and chair of the Advisory Council of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy. Within the Board of Supervisors of Oxfam Novib, Kirsten is a member of the engagement committee and is the Integrity Focal Point.

Lawrence Cheuk  (1990)

Picture Lawrence Cheuk900.jpg

Lawrence Cheuk works on the energy transition for the municipality of Haarlem. He is a climate justice activist with extensive experience and networks in and knowledge of the Dutch and international climate movements that fight for (youth) participation, climate justice and intersectionality. Lawrence Cheuk has held various additional positions, such as chairman of Young Friends of the Earth NL (JMA), board member of Young Friends of the Earth Europe, co-founder and chair of the Supervisory Board of the Young Climate Movement (Jonge Klimaatbeweging). Within the Supervisory Board of Oxfam Novib, Lawrence is a member of the program committee and the engagement committee.

Kris Douma (1961)

Kris Douma RvT

Kris Douma is Chair of the Board of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA). Previously, he was a director at PRI, the UN-supported initiative Principles for Responsible Investment, in London. Before joining PRI, he was interim manager at NBA, the Dutch professional organization for accountants. He spent seven years as director responsible investment and governance at MN, a fiduciary asset manager for pension funds. He started his career as a consultant and manager at FNV trade unions. Between 2003 and 2006 he served as a member of parliament for the PvdA (social democrats) in the Dutch parliament (Tweede Kamer). Kris Douma is chair of the financial committee of the Board of Supervisors.

Anika Altaf


Anika Altaf has over 15 years of experience in the field of international development, with a strong focus on sub-Saharan Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa) and South Asia (Bangladesh and Pakistan). She is trained as a human geographer and holds a PhD in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Her area of expertise are inclusive development and human wellbeing, specifically of the most marginalized people. Anika Altaf is currently the coordinator of INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies in Africa. She is the chair of the expertise centre for humanitarian communication. Within the Board of Supervisors, Anika is member of the programs committee and Works Council Focal Point.

Désirée van Boxtel

Desiree van Boxtel (1).jpg

Désirée van Boxtel is co-founder of Karmijn Kapitaal, an investment fund that invests exclusively in companies led by gender-diverse management teams. This strategy finds its base both in extensive scientific research and the founders’ strong personal belief in diversity and inclusion. She studied strategic business management and has been an entrepreneur since 2000. She is a Supervisory Board member of ROM InWest (the regional development agency of the province of North Holland), and a member of the board of the Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. Within the Board of Supervisors, Désirée is a member of the finance committee.



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