We are keen to engage companies that want to do business in a more responsible and inclusive manner.

The struggle against poverty can only be won when civil society, government and the private sector join hands.  We have a long experience of supporting people who strive to escape poverty.  We are keen to engage companies that want to do business in a more responsible and inclusive manner. Together we can improve the lives of workers, farmers and the wider community. This is good for business, the people and the planet.

Our aim is to improve the livelihoods of workers, farmers and community members who are working hard to escape poverty. Together with local partners, we support them to get better organized and to increase their access to land, rural finance, new farming methods and markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We also support them to raise their voice and demand that their government invests more in agriculture and rural services. And we work with those companies that want to have a positive impact on their workers, the farmers they source from and the communities that are affected by their operations.  We know that a growing number of national and international companies take their CSR commitment seriously. Together we want to explore how we can make maximum use of each other’s expertise and capacities.


When we partner with companies we always strive to have an open dialogue about mutual expectations, limitations and how we can best measure success. We realize that companies and NGO’s like ourselves may have a different view on how to achieve our mission. We may have different interests and speak a different language. Building trust and common ground always takes time, but we have seen that the efforts are worthwhile.

Up till now, we have built special expertise in the financial sector and tropical agricultural commodities (palm oil, cocoa, coffee and aquaculture). The lessons we have learned are also applicable to other sectors. Below we have presented some examples of our work.


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