Atlas project browser

Atlas project browser

Atlas gives you access to all projects of Oxfam that have been published as Open Data to the IATI registry. Increasingly more Oxfam’s publish more project information as open data in line with the IATI standard.

As a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty, Oxfam is committed to enhancing transparency about its work. Because we believe in the power of people to work together for a fairer world, we want to be as transparent as possible, be accountable and show our work to the world to inspire others.

We do this through the web application Atlas. Atlas provides access to the database of our projects. Step by step, we are working on our aspiration for everyone to be able to see our work around the world. We publish all our projects in line with the IATI standard.

Oxfam projects in Atlas

Added value to sharing project information

By sharing our project information and making our data accessible, we aim to connect with organizations and individuals similar to us who are committed to poverty alleviation and transparency. We believe in the following added values of sharing project information.

  • It provides insight to our work. Apart from ATLAS other tools like and D-portal can be used to visualise and compare projects and works of different organizations.
  • Easy access to a map which showcases which activities are implemented where, how and by whom. For example combining data of Oxfam with that of NGO’s, governments and businesses can improve response and avoid duplication of efforts;
  • Our partners can see at a glance which other organizations in their country or region or across the world, are working on the same goal or with the same target group. They can then join forces and share knowledge.

Oxfam data in line with IATI

Oxfam complies with the digital IATI standard 2.02 from the International Aid Transparency Initiative. This globally recognized standard makes information on development spending of governmental and non-governmental organizations accessible and understandable.

The data in Atlas

Atlas is updated frequently with the latest project information. The information provided about projects give insights related to project name, number, duration, budget, implementing countries and a short project description.

Oxfam gives high priority to transparency. At the same time, it is also important to consider sensitivities around publishing project information. We work in fragile states and countries at war. In these contexts, we take it as our most important responsibility to safeguard the protection of our staff and that of many courageous women and men working on improving lives of people. For this purpose, few projects are excluded and not available on Atlas. We do this to keep our staff and partners safe, as well as prevent any damage to the execution of these projects.

Read more in our Open Information Policy.


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