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Oxfam Novib seeks to work closely with partner organizations in a spirit of mutual respect and trust. Our relations with partners are informed by a set of clear principles that are outlined in Oxfam’s Partnerships Principles and underpin Oxfam Novib’s program and partnership decisions in development, humanitarian, and campaigns work at every level of activity.

While differences in contexts may require different approaches, Oxfam Novib strives to ensure that all its work with partners reflect these six partnership principles, and as an example, we present the list of Oxfam Novib’s policies and principles to adhere to in the execution of the Project:

  • The General terms and conditions of Oxfam Novib clarify the general rights and duties of partners applicable to agreements Oxfam enters into with partners to finance a project. They apply to all our Financing Agreements with partners (FR) (PT) (NL).
  • Oxfam Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy; To guarantee that donors’ money is well spent, Oxfam Novib is committed to fight all types of corruption, and expects this same commitment from partner organisations. This policy sets out Oxfam's principles to the prevention and detection of corruption. There is no Portuguese translation of the policy available yet.  (EN) (FR) .
  • Oxfam Anti Terrorism Financing and Financial Crime Policy Principles (Aid Diversion); Oxfam Novib is determined that all its funds and resources are used to further its mission. This policy sets out Oxfam’s principles to prevent Aid Diversion. (EN) (FR). 
  • Oxfam Code of Conduct for Non-Staff; It is important for Oxfam Novib to ensure that the conduct of all people connected to its work is in line with Oxfam’s beliefs, values and aims. A Code of Conduct is to give Oxfam’s partners guidance regarding the key issues that they need to be aware of, and the standards of behavior. If a partner organisation has its own Code of Conduct that has been assessed to be in line with Oxfam’s (no or minimal discrepancies in values, definitions, scope and acceptable behaviours) the partner can use its own Code of Conduct. This Oxfam Non-Staff Code of Conduct is to be used in case the Grantee does not have its own Code of Conduct, or a Code of Conduct not in line Oxfam’s Code of Conduct.
  • Oxfam PSEA policy; Oxfam Novib is committed to achieving full, ongoing implementation of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Six Core Principles relating to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), including in the implementation of programmes with Oxfam’s partners. The One Oxfam PSEA policy is based on these core principles.
  • Oxfam Child Safeguarding Policy; Oxfam Novib believes all children have a right to protection from abuse or exploitation. Oxfam Novib will not tolerate any child abuse or exploitation by anyone who works with us, and expect this same commitment from partner organisations. This policy gives guidance to all employees, volunteers, contractors and partners about the standards of behavior and practice always required when they are in contact with children.
  • Oxfam Novib’s Speak Up Protocol; Anyone associated with the implementation of Oxfam Novib’s work, including partner organizations, is expected to report concerns about safeguarding or corruption misconduct via any of the ways as explained in this protocol.
  • Oxfam Novib Grievances Procedure; Oxfam Novib is committed to provide services that meet the highest standards of quality. Shall the Grantee experience or observe any occasion where Oxfam’s services do not meet these standards, the Grantee is entitled to follow this grievances procedure. This procedure explains how (EN) (FR) (PT) (NL).
  • Oxfam Ethical and Environmental Purchasing Policy; Oxfam Novib recognizes the importance of sustainable development for people living in poverty, and the long-term benefits of becoming a more sustainable organisation. Oxfam Novib takes responsibility for and is committed to managing the labor and environmental standards in its operations and supply chains. This policy sets out the framework to meet these standards.
  • Oxfam Novib’s Open Information Policy; Oxfam Novib is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to its stakeholders. This policy sets out what information Oxfam Novib publishes, and the way Oxfam Novib responds to requests for information. 
  • Oxfam Novib’s Reporting Guidelines (FR) (PT):Oxfam Novib strongly believes that planning,  monitoring and evaluation is crucial to steer project implementation, to inform new strategies and to be accountable and transparent about Oxfam’s work. These guidelines describe in more detail what is expected from the reports submitted to Oxfam Novib.






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