Power to Voices: Oxfam Novib Launches Revolutionary Digital Platform to Advance Struggles for Social

The African Activist for Climate Justice (AACJ) program launches Power to Voice, a new digital platform to support activists and social justice advocates in their efforts to create positive change and a sustainable world.

Oxfam Novib is part of a south led consortium of organizations - Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Natural Justice, FEMNET, Africa Youth Commission (AYC). Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the Climate Justice African Activists movement, AACJ is being implemented in eight countries of the Africa region - Senegal, Somalia, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the Netherlands.

Power to Voices is a digital platform that was born from a desire to keep the voices of climate activists across Africa demanding justice amidst shrinking civic space. As more governments and political leaders try to stifle the voices of activist by clamping down on social media platforms, Power to Voices provides an alternative focused digital space created specifically for activists to connect with each other, share their campaigns and struggles, and keep their voices heard.

"We are thrilled to launch Power to Voices after several months of consultation, design and development. We believe that this platform will be a powerful tool for activists around the world," said Rukia Cornelius, AACJ project lead, Oxfam Novib.

“Beyond climate justice activist, it’s our hope that Power to Voices will serve as a self-moderated safe space that brings together different kinds of activists and their movements to continue organizing, connecting, networking, learning, amplifying their voices, campaigning, and rallying solidarity amidst increasing crackdowns on the digital civic space and the curtailing of online freedoms of expressions, speech and assembly,” said Rukia.

In addition to networking and campaigning, Power to Voice also offers peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and tailored learning opportunities, such as training materials, toolkits, and case studies. It serves as a hub for rallying solidarity, bringing together activists from different backgrounds and movements to support each other's struggles for a more just and equitable world.

"Power to voices platform has come at an opportune time to fill a gap that has existed for a long time. Activists have been yelling for a secure and safe platform where we can interact, connect, and access resources, learn new skills without looking over their shoulders," said Yakobo, a youth climate justice activist.

"Power to Voices is an important and alternative platform that we need. It also challenges any attempt to make our stories unheard," said Manal Shqair a Palestinian feminist and human rights defender.

Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and continue to join hands with global community of activists, working together towards a common goal of creating a better world for everyone.

To learn more about Power to Voice and join the community of activists, visit the platform's website at powertovoices.org.


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