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Impact Matters!

Our vision

Oxfam Novib works towards a just world without poverty. At the heart of our business is social change: complex, unpredictable and inspiring. We are keen to understand social change and how it works, to learn and improve our ways of working.  

Our impact evaluations explore the intended and unintended effects campaigns, programmes and projects have on people’s lives, search for (un)expected correlations between different variables and determine how these should inform our current and future programme strategies. By facilitating learning around evidence, we drive the power of knowledge into the heart of our work. We ensure that the voices of citizens who partake in our programmes are heard.


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Having a better understanding of social change processes, we stimulate learning from experience and past social dynamics and look ahead to adapt theories of change and programme strategies in fast-changing contexts. To do this, we listen to the people, communities and partners participating in our programmes, as well as to our donors.

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