The Impact Measurement and Knowledge Team

The Oxfam Novib Impact Measurement & Knowledge team supports the measurement and understanding of our project impacts around the world. Meet the team of experienced impact measurers!

Francisco Bolaños


Francisco Bolaños is an impact measurement specialist focusing on quantitative research. His work entails the application of quasi-experimental methods of impact evaluation and econometric analysis in development related topics. He also has experience in quantitative research on social protection, youth unemployment, public finance of local governments and international trade in El Salvador. In El Salvador, he has lectured courses on microeconomics and social security at undergraduate level. He holds a Master's degree in Development Studies with specialisation in Econometric Analysis of Development Policies from the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his free time, he enjoys playing football, going to the gym and connecting with the nature. He is passionate also about cooking and trying new recipes.



Marieke Meeske


Marieke Meeske joined Oxfam Novib in 2019 as an impact measurement specialist. Her work at Oxfam Novib centres on supporting teams in Oxfam to evaluate the impact of their interventions, and to inform their programmes and campaigns with evidence-based recommendations. She focuses primarily on quantitative research methods. Marieke holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics (cum laude) from Wageningen University. Prior to joining Oxfam Novib, she worked at PAX on a project that uses survey data as a conversation starter and means for voicing civilians in security related discussions (implemented in Iraq and South Sudan). Next to work, Marieke enjoys playing sports, cooking, reading and scrapbooking. 


Sunanda Poduwal

Sunanda Poduwal is an impact measurement speciSunanda.pngalist focusing on qualitative research. Her work involves supporting teams across Oxfam in measuring and understanding the impact of their programmes. She has special interest in exploring how research and evaluations can be made more inclusive and the findings and learnings more accessible. Prior to joining Oxfam Novib in 2020, Sunanda worked in various roles in not-for-profit and for-profit organisations and in various domains such as consulting, research, journalism, and taxation. She holds a Master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Policy from Maastricht University and a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from University of Delhi. Outside of work, Sunanda enjoys reading (especially long form journalism), listening to podcasts (mostly true crime), exploring different genres of music, cooking, and traveling.



Stephanie Milan

DSC_6637 3.JPG

Stephanie is an impact measurement specialist with quantitative expertise. She is looking for measuring the impact of programmes. She holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics and Policy (cum laude) from The University of Manchester. Her experience lies in gender justice, youth employment, development and education. Before joining Oxfam Novib, Stephanie worked in a think tank in El Salvador (her homeland). She studied the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Latin America, in which she conducted an analysis towards the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the civil society, governments and the private sector. Moreover, she evaluated the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of CRS/USAID youth employment programs in Central America. Besides research, Stephanie enjoys kayaking, playing the ukulele and drinking tea.

Nguyen Quang Thai


Nguyen Quang Thai is a research and knowledge specialist, serving in both Oxfam Novib and Oxfam in Vietnam. In Oxfam Novib, his work centres on supporting teams in Oxfam to evaluate the impact of their programmes, and to inform their programmes and campaigns with evidence-based recommendations. He also works with Oxfam in Vietnam (OiV) in research for influencing in some OiV’s key areas like multidimensional inequality, digital inclusion, and human economy. He has experience in quantitative research and evaluation methods, statistical analysis and causal inference with panel data. He has special research interest in applied economics and econometrics in governance, civil society, and political resilience in authoritarian regimes. He holds a bachelor’s degree on finance and banking in National Economics University in Vietnam. In my spare time he likes playing games, including football, chess, and ping pong.

Sucharita Iyer


Sucharita is an impact measurement specialist, with a background in qualitative research and socio-cultural anthropology. Her work is focused on facilitating meaningful and participatory learning and knowledge-sharing with diverse stakeholders across the global development ecosystem. She is also a board member at the Amsterdam-based CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality. Previously, she worked as a research associate at Dasra, a social impact consultancy in Mumbai, India, where she conducted research on youth issues and wellbeing in India. There, she conducted and disseminated research and managed the 10to19 Community of Practice, a national network of 280+ youth-focused organizations across India, focused on collective advocacy and promoting peer-learning and collaborative action. She has also worked with the British Asian Trust, focusing on building a research-based case for support on child protection in India. She holds a Master’s in socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, listening to pop culture podcasts, and taking long walks.



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