Invitation to the Expert Meeting on Diagnosing, Measuring and Tackling Social Norms on Societal issues in Development Cooperation

  • February 18, 2019

Social norms are shared expectations of specific individuals or groups about how people should behave. Such norms act as powerful motivators either for- or against individual attitudes and behaviors. Social norms exist around all aspects of our behavior, for example related to gender, health, employment, environment, and political participation. Group members who conform to social norms often experience rewards or positive reinforcement such as social status and acceptance in the group. On the other hand, those who deviate from group expectations may be subject to shaming and sanctions of disapproval by others who are important to them. In this way, social norms act as informal social laws to regulate behavior within a given social group.


This expert meeting on 18 March in the Hague will introduce successful examples of how social norms can be diagnosed and changes in social norms can be measured to show the impact of interventions focusing (partially) on changing social norms. We will jointly explore how knowledge on social norms can be formative as well as evaluative for programmes and campaigns.

Participants will hear directly from experts working on social norms explore how to employ innovative ideas and enjoy networking in an informal setting. The meeting brings together professionals from a variety of organizations who are working on impact measurement and who are eager to expand their knowledge on diagnosing and measuring the evolving strength of social norms.

The day is kicked off with a keynote session from a leading social norms expert. Following, participants can choose the workshops of their liking, based on short pitches from the experts.


Please note that the number of seats is limited so reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. Please register by using this link.


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