Food, Land and Water

More than 800 million people do not have enough food. At the same time millions of households lack land and water rights. Oxfam Novib works on sustainable rural livelihoods for all people.

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Conflict and Fragility

Conflict obstructs development and is a key driver of humanitarian need. Oxfam Novib addresses the root causes of conflict so that people find peaceful solutions and transform their lives.

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Gender and Youth

Inequality is unacceptable as a violation of human rights. Achieving gender justice and equal oppportunities for young people is essential to achieving a just world without poverty.

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Humanitarian aid

Worldwide Oxfam Novib responds to threats to people’s life and security, by delivering assistance, protection and campaigns for their rights to overcoming poverty, suffering and injustice.

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Governance and Financial flows

Worldwide the gap between rich and poor is widening. Oxfam Novib aims to make public finances more accountable to poor communities in developing countries to improve poverty alleviation.

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Our approach and impact

Together with our core values, these 5 themes are part of our approach. Our approach defines our impact, it defines change. You can read more about the impact of our work in our annual review.

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