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Human Rights of Sexual Minorities in, Zimbwabe and South Africa

The LGTB project is all about promoting and protecting human rights of sexual minorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The LGTB project started in January 2014 and will end in December 2017. It is managed by local Oxfam country offices and implemented in collaboration with five local partners: Voice of the Voiceless (VOVO) and the Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) in Zimbabwe and Triangle Project (TP) and The Inner Circle (TIC) in South Africa.

The project has the overall objective to support the rights of sexual minorities in these countries by improving approaches through knowledge sharing, and providing robust models for related programmes globally. Although the context in the three countries is very different, the project partners have also a lot in common. The project facilitates linking and learning, for instance with regards to creating safe spaces, physical and digital security issues, hate crime, the need for advocacy for LGTB rights, etc.


  • Project name: Promoting and protecting human rights of sexual minorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Project period: 2014 - 2017
  • Target group: LGTB communities in Cape Town - South Africa; Bulawayo – Zimbabwe
  • Location:  Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Budget: 2,191,171 euro


For more information please contact the Women's Empowerment team



People with a different sexual identity than considered ‘normal’ or desirable are highly discriminated in many countries. This project wants to support the LGTB community in three countries to empower themselves – individually and as a group, and to seek social transformation in their societies to bring justice and respect for their rights.


The project proposes activities that will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations, groups and networks of LGBT persons so that they can individually and/or collectively speak out on, and challenge infringements of their human rights on the basis of sexual orientation. This includes intolerance, discriminatory practices and laws that prevent them from realizing all of their rights. Such a distinction is important in building awareness, planning and implementing networking efforts, solidarity building, and the advocacy and lobbying promoting the freedom of expression, movement, thought, opinion, and non-discrimination, as well as their right to equality before the law or access to justice. The programme will also work with human rights defenders, women’s rights and LGBT activists, lawyers and youth organizations toward an enabling environment to promote and support the rights of these sexual minorities.

The planned outcomes of the project are:

  1. Enhanced capacity of LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) persons to share knowledge and strategize freely through the creation of safe spaces; strengthened visibility and voices in the media; and improved knowledge and skills relevant to the promotion of their rights;
  2. Increase capacity of civil society organisations (LGTB and Human Rights organisations) that support the rights of LGTB persons, and
  3. Linking and learning between target countries, Oxfam affiliates, partners and LGTB persons to strengthen approaches to working with LGTB communities in similar settings globally.



Improved approaches through knowledge sharing, and robust models for related programmes globally to achieve that the rights of LGTB people and their communities in these countries are respected and discrimination against LGTB is eliminated.


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